Once upon a time, there was a girl. Well, woman. Living a life of passion and looking to coagulate thoughts and share ideas. It seems easy, but it’s harder than it sounds.

So born this blog–of delicious food, of thoughts on education, of thoughts on feminism, of thoughts on life.

In Louise Glück’s Matins, from The Wild Iris, she writes, “You must see/it is useless to us, this silence that promotes belief/you must be all things, the foxglove and the hawthorn tree,/the vulnerable rose and the tough daisy — we are left to think/you couldn’t possibly exist.”

She was writing about a higher being, but those words could apply to all of us in this modern world as well. We want to be all things. We can’t be, and yet we are as well.

This blog is my continuing and fruitless effort to be all things. I want to get rid of the silence.