After one week of Whole 30 and Yoga for Beginners 30 Day Challenge, this is what I have learned, in no particular order.

Cold brew black coffee > regular black coffee. 100%. However, I am capable of drinking the other stuff straight. Who knew!

I hate cooking breakfast EVERY. DAY. I can’t wait to have my fruit and yogurt option back.

On the other hand, there are some creative ways to cook eggs once you start exploring. This morning, I adapted Danielle Walker of Against All Grain’s shirred eggs recipe as well as her recipe for baked eggs with bacon, greens, and hollandaise. I sauteed a little spinach and arugula that I had in my fridge, and put it in the bottom of a 6 oz ramekin. I crumbled some bacon over it, cracked an egg into it, and poured a little coconut milk over it, then baked. I added some chopped parsley on top and sliced tomatoes on the side. Yesterday, I adapted Ali Maffucci of Inspiralized’s sweet potato rice breakfast bowl. I accidentally used the wrong blade (the wide one) to spiralize half a sweet potato earlier in the week while I was cooking dinner. So I saved it and sautéed the sweet potatoes in olive oil and salt and pepper this morning. My avocados were FINALLY ripe, so I sliced half an avocado, and added a fried egg and scallions on top.

Also, I LOVE blueberries. And I love them all on their own, without yogurt. I knew this, but I remembered again. I have been eating their summery deliciousness all week as I prep the rest of my breakfast.

Using foods multiple times a week is easier than I thought. So many of my recipes overlap!

Planning is ESSENTIAL. I love this iPad app that I found! I get most of my recipes from various sources online. The app is simple, easily organized, and allows me to import recipes. The only site I have found that it imports the full recipe from is Food & Wine–with blog posts, it only saves the link. However, I don’t mind going through my week’s plans and manually entering my grocery shopping list, rather than having it upload automatically.

I am also getting better at making up and adapting recipes! On Thursday, I adapted Pinch of Yum’s recipe for a roasted red pepper sauce over zucchini noodles by substituting homemade cashew cream (using roasted and salted cashews, oh my gosh!) for the almond milk in her recipe. I also pan seared a chicken breast and then baked it with some lemon slices. I sliced half of this and put it on top of the zucchini noodles,

Yoga is so lovely and absolutely a habit. Even after 7 days, I find myself prioritizing it. When I first started, 15 minutes felt so long, but yesterday, 20 minutes felt short.

I don’t miss wine nearly as much as I thought I would! (So far. We’ll see how I’m feeling in another week ;-P) Most of my life, I have hated strict rules, but once I decided to do Whole 30, I actually find that NOT having to make the decision daily about how much to indulge, and having the decision pre-made for me (by me, of course) is so helpful in allowing me to stick to my goals.

I must have been eating fairly well already, since I haven’t really noticed any of these effects. Then again, a diet of soda and processed foods sounds incredibly unappealing to me personally.

I definitely do feel more energized and motivated, but I can’t tell if that’s related to how incredibly busy my life has been since starting Whole 30, or related to how I’ve been eating.

Conclusion: so far, health reset feels pretty good. Final results: TBD.